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Baby Bob Worthington, around 1926 or 1927.
Bob with his father, Guy Haskell Worthington, in the 1920's.
Bob Worthington's family.
  Bob Worthington in uniform, around 1943 or 1944.
Mitchell Paige in 1943.
  Bob Worthington in his younger days.
Bob Worthington in the 1970's.
  1144 Pine Street — Sally Stanford's most famous address.
Bob with the San Francisco Chief of Police, Alfred Nelder.
  Bob with his son Randy and daughter Susan.
Elizabeth and her husband.
  Bob receiving his Purple Heart.
Bob with his wife in the early 1990's.
  Bob with his daughter and wife.
Bob's special medallion.
  Toby, Bob's Pomeranian.
Bob in 2001, near his home in Coos Bay, Oregon.

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