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Bob's Obituary

Obituary for Robert "Bob" Worthington
The World, June 9, 2001, page A6


Bob's Purple Heart

World War II Veteran will receive a Purple Heart after 57 years
by Andy Porter
South Coast Week, Wednesday May 26, 1999


Ceremonies Honor Marine Heroes,
Worthington Receives Overdue Purple Heart

by Andy Porter
First published in The World, June 15, 1999, Pages 1, 8


Sally Stanford Articles

Knife Attack: Witness in Cops Trail is Slain
There is no writer listed for this article, so it is difficult to determine the newspaper; presumably it is The Chronicle or The Examiner — the story ran during the height of the trial.


Good Citizen Pays High Price
by Ralph Craib
San Francisco Chronicle (November 4, 1966) page 5


Sally Informer Asks $150,000 Under New Law
This article appeared in a San Francisco area newspaper on March 20, 1966. There is no author listed and the exact newspaper is unknown; my guess is that it’s The San Francisco Examiner.


Informers Bill For Sally Case
by Charlie Raudebaugh
This article appeared in March 1966 in The San Francisco Chronicle


Eulogy for Sally Stanford
by Herb Caen
Paper is unknown, perhaps The Examiner.


Sally Stanford’s Obituary
Again, the copy is unclear, but I believe this first appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle. There is no writer listed on the copy Bob provided me with.


As noted, many of these articles were clippings Bob had saved over the years. Every attempt has been made to credit the writers and to list the publications.


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