Sally Informer Asks $150,000 Under New Law


San Francisco police once were warned of "a contract to kill" Robert K. Worthington, a Marin and Sonoma contractor who foiled an elaborate plot to peel the safe in Sally Stanford’s town house here just a year ago.

This was made public today in a letter written by Deputy Police Chief Al Nelder. The letter was filed in Sacramento with a $150,000 claim made by Worthington under a law adopted last fall providing for compensation for losses incurred by private citizens who help catch criminals.

Worthington wants $100,000 damages for loss of house building contracts. He claims he lost the business because he couldn’t get anyone to bond him as his life was threatened before and after the trial of five men arrested when Miss Stanford’s Pacific Heights mansion was being burglarized.

And he is asking $50,000 damages for the emotional strain of having to hide his family and having a police guard around the clock for periods both before and after the trial.

Nelder’s letter filed with the claim said in part: Worthington was kept under "loose surveillance" between the time of the burglary and the trial which resulted last October in four convictions, including one policeman.

"Then the 24 hour guard was taken off after the conviction and sentencing of the defendants, and a few days later we received information that there was a plot to kill him.

"We immediately restored the guard on Worthington and kept it on until we were reasonably sure this plot would not be carried out.

"Without Worthington’s full cooperation it would have been difficult to convict this gang and put an end to their criminal exploits."

Nelder revealed today that his tip about the "contract to kill" came from a reputable lawyer, who got it from one of his clients. And the client was someone that the police could believe.

The round the clock guard on Worthington has been removed, but Worthington, who has moved to Sonoma County [Sally Stanford’s ranch] must report to the police department here regularly. If he fails to report police make an immediate check on his whereabouts.

Worthington’s "hobby" for some years has been to assist police in cracking difficult cases. Through him more than one big burglary has been cracked and his help has resulted in convictions, including that of policemen.



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